February 25, 2020

Tact.ai Makes on The Constellation Research "Best of the Best" Shortlist. Again.

This blog post celebrates that Tact.ai has been chosen for Constellation Research ShortList for Sales Productivity Solutions 3 years in a row!  

Sales Productivity Solutions shortlist-image 2020Q1

Tact.ai has made consecutive appearances on the Constellation Research ShortList for Sales Productivity since 2017, with its most recent honor coming this week as part of the analysts' list of “the best of the best” in that category for Q1 2020.

The list is updated a few times a year, based on Constellation’s discussions with clients who use its advisory services when choosing disruptive technologies to boost sales. The seven vendors named were chosen from 20 who were evaluated.

“The Constellation ShortList portfolio identifies the top vendors to consider based on technology investment, use cases, strategic vision, customer value, executive leadership and price,” Ray Wang, chairman and founder at Constellation Research, says in a statement for the press release. “The vendors on this list represent the best of the best.”

Authored by Vice President and Principal Analyst L. Nicole France, the ShortList report defines sales productivity solutions as those that “provide insights that facilitate meaningful buyer-seller conversations, automate administrative customer relationship management (CRM) tasks, and analyze email and calendar activity to recommend next-best actions. These solutions reduce the busywork associated with researching potential clients, communicating with them and performing administrative data entry. The most sophisticated sales productivity solutions streamline the process for sellers and provide management with more accurate pipeline estimates. Results typically include higher conversion rates, shorter sales times and increased revenue.”

The analysts sought out products that provide relevant insights on prospects, customers, accounts, and deals, with mobile access, email and calendar information, simplified CRM activity capture, and guidance to sellers on the next steps for each account. “Through a combination of artificial intelligence tools and best practices, these solutions help guide sellers as they navigate new and existing customer accounts,” the report states.

That certainly sounds useful to sales teams. We use smart technologies to create a more human-friendly CRM experience, which pays off in better customer relationships, more deals closed, and higher revenue.

Better yet, many of the other vendors on Constellation’s list are not necessarily direct competitors. Several offer complementary products and are partnered with Tact.

We're thankful for getting the recognition. What we like even more is getting results for the organizations and sales professionals who use our tools.

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