Tact Presenter for

Deliver exceptional, content-rich presentations using the only Microsoft Teams certified remote detailer for Veeva content.

2x Higher content usage in video meetings

Engage customers on their preferred meeting platform, MS Teams, with instant access to approved content

Reduce risk of screen sharing with compliant content streaming that supports modular multi-media content

Automatically capture call logs, key messages and reactions in CRM. Analyze meeting effectiveness and compliance

Trusted by life sciences &
Technology leaders

Novartis - Tact.ai Customer and Investor
Lilly - Tact.ai Investor
Miscrosoft - Tact.ai Investor


Desmond Creary

Chief Customer Engagement Officer, Novartis US

“It’s refreshing to work with a company that understands the significance of each interaction – whether on camera, over chat, or face-to-face – has on improving patient outcomes. I’m very pleased to join Tact.ai’s mission of helping deliver innovative medicines to patients faster.”​

Giuseppe Firenze

VP and Global CIO,  Business Units  at Eli Lilly

“Tact’s platform helps teams have better interactions with customers by getting them prepared, supporting all and new emerging channels of interaction, and closing the loop so insights are captured. I believe Tact has an opportunity to definitely create a more innovative and positive impact on how pharma and HCPs collaborate.”​

Lana Ghanem

Managing Director of
Hikma Ventures. ​

"By offering a secure and seamless user experience that enables field teams to personalize each interaction with their customers and capture more insights, Tact is helping commercial and medical teams orchestrate the type of high-quality engagement that customers demand today."

Rana Lonnen

Managing Director
at dRx Capital

“Our Commercial and Medical teams at Novartis have been collaborating with Tact over the last two years to transform our field force and customer experience globally. Tact.ai aligns with our ambition to reimagine customer engagement for the New Normal”

Stan Tsvirko

Executive Director, Head Digital Medical Affairs Novartis

“These are the tools they will actually use in the new kind of ecosystem that we are working upon. This is where our partnership with Tact has come into play, because this is exactly what we want to focus on: the user experience, data capture, being always on and moving from 9-to-5,  to a 24-hour cycle of being able to access data, when needed.”

Andreas Müller

Advisor and Chair of Tact.ai's Customer Advisory Board

"Being focused on the experience, giving customers more choice and flexibility, paired with the nimbleness needed to adapt to changing market requirements is in the DNA of Tact.ai and its leading engagement platform"

Reimagine Customer Engagement with Tact