May 20, 2022 at the Next Pharma Summit 2022

This week on May 17th and 18th, our team at attended the Next Pharma Summit 2022.

Our team was delighted to be a part of the discussions about the future of customer engagement with commercial and medical leaders from top pharmaceutical companies. 

Getting industry insights into pharma commercial and patient engagement where there's potential to add tremendous value was a great experience and we were thrilled to be promoting meaningful customer engagement with our human-friendly and HCP & customer-centric software.

Here are some highlights and trends we found the most useful:

Focus on better patient outcomes: Leaders at Roche, Sandoz, and Gilead Sciences discussed the shifting pharma’s digital and commercial future for better patient outcomes. The focus on patient-centricity echoed throughout the subsequent sessions with the drive towards measuring the impact of working ‘with’ patients not working ‘for’ patients.

Improving customer engagement: In the fireside chat with Chetak Buaria, VP of Global Commercial Operations Healthcare Business of Merck, discussions about creating better outcomes for stakeholders continued, with a focus on meaningful engagement to improve the pharma customer experience. He mentioned the industry currently suffers from “Pilot Fatigue.” Customer engagement was the primary focus throughout different discussions such as how “the Pull vs Push” engagement or Digital First approaches were geared towards delivering exceptional customer experience.

Digital transformation for medical affairs: In a fireside chat, John Wahba the VP of Medical at ViiV stressed the importance of sharing data gathered from patient engagement across the organization and beyond just medical affairs. Elliott Antrobus-Holder at Gilead echoed similar sentiments emphasizing the importance of storytelling in supporting internal change management and taking people with you. He talked about how equal focus on people, processes, and technology is helping in driving Gilead sciences' digital transformation.

Effective customer communication: In conversation with leaders from Hemofarm and Zambon about Change Management and Leadership's role in the ongoing transformation process, the key highlight was effective communication. The consensus was that communication is essential for any company change, and it is also the starting point for relationships with patients. Positive emotions lay the groundwork for communication, and they are required so that we can all work as a trusted partner.

Moving from Systems of Record to a System of Engagement:  Most of the discussions noted that pharma customer interactions are becoming all about delivering a personalized experience, helping customers obtain the right content intelligently through the channel they prefer. 

Pharma companies now need to understand when, where, and how to deliver the right information through the right channels, allowing customer-facing teams to make smarter decisions and ensuring every HCP interaction is valued and hence there is a need to move from “Systems of Record” to a “System of Engagement.” In fact, this was one of the topics discussed by Andreas Müller, Advisor & former Novartis Pharma CIO, and David Logue, Chief Strategy Officer at in the session "Evolving engagement: How commercial and medical leaders can lead without the limitations of CRM."

In the evolving life sciences landscape the Tact platform supports hybrid HCP engagement by combining and aligning the face-to-face, phone, email, video, chat, and self-service modes of engagement. 

We were honored to attend and support our customers at the Next Pharma Summit 2022 and participate in a new age of pharma transformation.

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