January 31, 2017

Tact Brings its Conversational AI Assistant to the Slack Enterprise Grid

Redwood City, California

Tact, the sales experience platform, today announced its AI-powered smart assistant for salespeople is now available in messaging environments like the newly released Slack Enterprise Grid. Sales teams can now access their most critical tools -- Salesforce, LinkedIn, Zendesk and more – through natural touch, text and voice interfaces without ever having to leave the conversation.

Customize your Tact for Slack integration to include multiple backend systems like Zendesk so the right team members get all of the relevant customer activity updates without having to leave the conversation.

Large enterprises have made significant investments in transformational efforts to define the future of work within their organizations over the last several years. New forms of collaboration powered by messaging platforms are transforming how employees work together. The challenge is that a significant amount of the information required to get work done remains relegated in enterprise software that is largely centered on databases. In the world of sales, teams may collaborate in a chat environment but all the customer data is trapped in silos like CRM, email and social networks. This translates into sales teams collaborating without the context of the right data, and enterprise software full of data but devoid of natural conversations. This results in companies spending billions of dollars on sales force automation (SFA) and other sales software, yet they are still challenged with poor adoption rates of such tools.

Conversational AI assistants hold the key to bridging the gap between the data-centric world of SFA and the human-centric world of collaboration platforms. Tact uses AI to sync and contextualize customer data across multiple systems of record, presenting it to sales teams in natural language. Gartner predicted that, "...companies will finally accept that field reps aren't going to 'live' in the SFA," and that, "...virtual digital sales assistants (VDSA) will become the primary interface by which sales representatives manage their work."

Tact brings a salesperson's most essential tools -- from Salesforce to Exchange to LinkedIn and more -- directly into the conversation on Slack.

Tact's smart assistant has been available via a touch and voice interface, and is in use with sales teams at Fortune 500 companies like GE, Kelly Services and The AES Corporation. Now available as a chatbot inside of messaging environments, teams can now add a virtual member of their sales team in Slack. This offers the advantage of a digital sales assistant that provides the most current customer data and insights so teams can collaborate on opportunities, customer issues and other sales planning activities without ever having to leave a channel, switch between multiple apps or log into their SFA.

Available in the new Slack Enterprise Grid, the Tact for Slack integration allows organizations to:          

  • Integrate their most essential sales tools directly into the conversation with bi- directional updates across multiple systems
  • Use natural language to interact with Tact's chatbot about opportunities, forecasts, customers and prospects directly within a secure Slack channel
  • "Can you find Chuck Ganapathi of Tact, Inc. on LinkedIn?"
  • "What's the latest on the Globex deal?"
  • "Move the Globex deal to Negotiation stage"
  • "Create a task for Chuck to follow up with Lisa Simpson at Globex next week"
  • "Log a sales for Lisa Simpson at Globex"
  • "What's the total amount of deals by stage this quarter?"
  • Deploy an enterprise-class solution leveraging the IT security and administrative features of Slack Enterprise Grid and Tact's sales experience platform

Supporting Quote

"Messaging has become the new UI, and we're pleased to extend the frictionless selling experience sales reps are accustomed to from Tact directly into their daily team communications on Slack," said Chuck Ganapathi, founder and CEO of Tact. "Today's leading companies deserve more than a world in which their people fill out forms sitting on top of databases; designed for a different era, these legacy systems don't really belong in the new world of conversational platforms."

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