June 20, 2021

Celebrating Father’s Day at Tact.ai

Dr. Deepika Salwankar

A conversation with our colleagues at Tact.ai about the importance of Father’s Day.

Father's Day at Tact.ai


The pandemic was hard on everyone, but for working parents, it meant balancing work, childcare, and virtual learning. While keeping their families safe and sound during the crisis, the adjustment to working from home, helping children with remote schooling, and managing the stress of it all was not an easy task. As we look ahead to the re-opening of schools, workplaces, and just stepping out of our home, it’s great to reflect on what these 14 months have taught us.  

Especially for fathers as this new environment meant spending more time together with their families. We have seen progress when it comes to equal parenting as couples who shared childcare equally rose from 45% pre-pandemic to 56% now. And despite the challenges it presented, the dads have treasured the time spent with their loved ones. In a survey by Harvard’s Making Caring Common project, it was found that more than two-thirds of fathers felt closer to their children since the beginning of the pandemic.  

Today we are having a conversation with our Tact colleagues about Father’s Day, what does it mean to them, and how they are going to celebrate it.  

How is this Father's Day special for you?

Father’s Day is a special moment to honor and celebrate relationships and life. For me, seeing the bond grow between my father and my young son brings incredible joy. Their growing relationship is unique in that they come from two different sides of the world yet recognize what they mean to each other’s lives. Also seeing how my father is as a grandfather vs a dad also brings special emotions, like laughter after seeing him listen to everything my 3 year tells him! I’m so thankful to have my dad and my son together in California. Happy Father’s Day to all.

Kevin Cheng, Head of Global Marketing and Communications at Tact.ai

What is your message to your dad and dads at Tact on this Father's Day?  

My father is a very jovial person and takes life very easy. He can come up with very easy and simple solutions for difficult problems in life.  
He is my perseverance, Guru. I have learned so much from his life and experiences. Sometimes I would have a revelation just by watching him do something. He is a very helpful person, and I can go on and on like this.  
This is for all the fathers in Tact, Balancing responsibilities is a tough one, but you all do it with a smile on your face. Kudos to all of you and wish you all a very happy Father's Day.  
Treat yourself today go have a beer!!! Cheers!!  

Deepu Dinesh, Lead designer at Tact.ai

What’s are the things that you have learned from your dad that help you in your work life?  

I have missed spending time with my dad, ever since I moved out of our home for work. He is the best, coolest, and a great friend.  

He gave me the education to stand on my feet, taught me about self-confidence, to respect others, not to raise my voice, gave me the freedom to pursue my dreams & wings to fly. He told me to follow my heart, my passion and has always seen me as his princess. He is always proud of my achievements and the most important of all is “I am his favorite”.  

I have a positive outlook on life and the strength to take on challenges because of him and that has been a great help in my work & personal life.  

To the fathers who work hard every day to shape up the present and future of their children, you guys are amazing, stay amazing, and a best friend to your kid. Wishing all my colleagues a very Happy Father’s Day!  

Sangeetha Ravikumar, Senior Human Resource Manager at Tact.ai

What is your favorite memory as a father that always motivates you?  

Daughters are not born; they are gifts from God. I am fortunate to be a father to a girl for whom I am the love of her life. So, the best memory as a father I  can think of is when I held her in my arms for the first time and she smiled at me!!! That memory is Priceless!!!  

To all the dads around me, thank you for raising me as the person I am today. You all have been pillars of strength in my life loving and caring always. I wish you all wealth and goodness!".

Prateek Jethi, Senior implementation consultant at Tact.ai  

As a Cat Dad what are the things you have been learning along the way and how has it helped you over the course of time?

Being a cat dad has taught me a lot of things in the last 4 years. You have to be patient and attentive with them. A creature relies on you, for their food, water, and other needs. You have to keep them clean, make sure they feel cared for and loved. Sometimes they do frustrating things but that is where you start to learn how to be patient, how to be attentive. They will sit on your keyboard or your hand, while you're working. Sit in front of the camera while you're having a meeting. Or wake you up at 5 am, by dropping things off the table for attention.  
No matter how bad your day is going, or if you're feeling lazy, this is one responsibility you just can't put off and say, "I'll give her food later."  
At the end of the day, it's all worth it when they will randomly head butt you to show affection, cuddle and sleep with you, purring gently.  
I think I understand to a degree where the fatherly love comes from, so to all the dads out there you are doing great! Happy Father's Day!

Arun Sharma, Senior Visual Designer at Tact.ai  

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