Increase Next Best Action ROI

The last-mile of your NBA engine to deliver the right insight at the right time, with greater actionability and closed loop learning

Deliver the right insights at the right time with
  • Insights and suggestions surfaced proactively as bite-sized nudges to deliver better customer experience

  • Delivered contextually based on pre-defined triggers, upcoming meetings, and user location

  • Customizable, omnichannel actions embedded with each delivery, for instant actionability

  • Capture customer insights from the field through on-the-fly polling

  • Deep engagement analytics on delivery, views, and actions for every insight

Higher percentage of insights viewed and acted upon

High correlation b/w usage & rep performance

Increase in number of field insights captured per month

How Novartis is using AI to Improve Customer EngagemenT

Stan Tsvirko
Executive Director, Global Product Owner