A human friendly digital assistant proactively delivers critical insights to field teams leading to better and more efficient execution.

Tact integrates to personal productivity tools
  • Insights and suggestions surfaced proactively as bit-sized nudges to support better customer experiences

  • Delivered contextually based on pre-defined triggers, upcoming meetings, and user location

  • Customizable, omnichannel actions embedded with each delivery, for instant actionability

  • AI-powered, in-the moment data entry for faster post meeting execution

How Novartis is using AI to Improve Customer EngagemenT

Stan Tsvirko
Executive Director, Global Product Owner

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"As healthcare organizations prioritize interactions that improve patient outcomes, the opportunity to bring to market a next generation engagement platform for biopharma has emerged, Tact.ai  supports our thesis that commercial strategies for biopharma should account for both field force and prescriber needs, ensuring the right data is leveraged at the right time to enable the best decisions and support for patients."

Carrie Williams
Partner at McKesson Ventures

"Our Commercial and Medical teams at Novartis have been collaborating with Tact over the last two years to transform our field force and customer experience globally. Tact.ai aligns with our ambition to reimagine customer engagement for the New Normal."

Rana Lonnen
Managing Director at dRx Capital, the Novartis Data and Digital Health Venture Fund

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