The HCP Engagement Guide for Commercial Teams

The definitive guide to understanding the evolution of HCP engagement post COVID-19 and how to keep Life Sciences commercial teams relevant in the digital age

Staying Relevant Means
Engaging in New Ways

Life Sciences field teams have experienced a massive transition due to restricted access to healthcare professionals (HCPs). The new normal means limited in-person appointments and the need for more digital and omnichannel engagement. To make a real difference, the goal must be deeper understanding of providers that leads to higher quality relationships.


  • How the role of pharmaceutical representative, and Commercial Operations in Life Science companies is changing post-COVID 19

  • Trends explaining the decline in number of pharma reps

  • How the Sunshine Act hurts access to HCPs

  • Staying relevant with telehealth, omnichannel messaging and virtual collaboration

  • Best practices and tips for commercial teams to become successful

  • How digital assistants, digital messaging and collaboration tools can make real difference


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