February 19, 2019

Yaba Daba Doo

Gary Stimson

In this post, we revisit the Jetsons and the Flintstones. Who wouldn't want a flying car?

Flintstones vs Jetsons
Work feels like the Flintstones and home feels like the Jetsons

I grew up watching Saturday morning cartoons and The Jetsons was one of my favourites. They made the future look like so much fun. Everything was going to be easier. In contrast to The Jetsons I also enjoyed watching the "modern stone age family" The Flintstones.

Both of these shows, in one way or another make fun of modern day society and the problems that pop up from day to day. Both shows also play on our wishes. What we wish we had or wish we could do to make our lives easier. Even though the Flintstones work hard they play hard as well. there is something carefree about their lives and their friendships that all of us wish we could tap into. At the same time The Jetsons offered us the hope of a carefree life as technology became better and better.

So when this image appeared in our marketing material I was drawn to understand how it had come about. It so neatly encapsulates the difference between what we had become used to as sellers and what is now possible when you bring technology we are already using in our personal lives to work. One of our colleagues, also a Salesforce veteran, highlighted how the differences depicted in these two Hanna Barbera cartoon series reflected our own experience of sales tools between our last two employers. There are a number of us at Tact who had very positive experiences at Salesforce, but we all agree that the mobile experience was clunky at best and the demand for manual user inputs often outweighed the benefit to the user.  So many of our clients had adoption issues because not everything resides in Salesforce and their SecOps teams justifiably wouldn’t let them bring email into the Salesforce cloud which also limited the value their users derived from the CRM application.

Whilst there is a lot to be said for the ‘if it’s not in the CRM it doesn’t exist’ principle that doesn’t mean that the CRM is the only application that matters to the B2B Salesperson.

The Jetsons live their advanced lives in a floating town known as Orbit City, built far above the planet's surface, as evidenced by how clouds surround it. That deliberate play on words provides me with an opportunity to highlight that where your data resides is a key element in your technology stack (hence the value in the CRM system of record), but how it is accessed and used is changing with what we at Tact call the Intelligent Edge and the new System of Workflow for Sales. I won’t get into Federated Data Graphs or Recursive Relevance right now, but we really should discuss them when we are next together.

I recently shared this definition of what this all means and the opportunity it offers those of you out there who like me would rather live in the Jetsons future than the Flintstones past. I mean, who wouldn’t want a flying car?

…..Edge Artificial Intelligence software solutions bring computing and decision-making capabilities from the cloud to nearby or on-the-edge devices by leveraging AI and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, jointly. Edge AI software enables aggregation, processing, computation, and analysis of the data present on or on nearby edge devices.
The increasing amount of enterprise workloads on the cloud and the rapid growth in the number of intelligent applications are expected to drive the edge AI software market.

Flintstone technology was crude. Jetson technology was cutting edge. The Jetsons had a robot maid named Rosie that had emotions and the family loved and respected her as a family member, and she loved them as well. The Flintstones loved Dino, who was pretty smart too, but nowhere near as smart or effective as Rosie. That difference is what the image above is trying to highlight.

Rosie the Robot Maid even assembled a 'time machine retriever' to bring the Jetsons back from Bedrock in the 1987 crossover film, The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones. I should add that Rosie recruited two other Bots to the challenge, R.U.D.I. and S.A.R.A., which points to the power of how the Tact platform works with Siri, Alexa and the Google Assistant to optimise your experience  

Interestingly, there have been suggestions that Bedrock and the Flintstone’s is in fact a post- apocalyptic world. There’s a big clue in the theme tune…

Flintstones, meet the Flintstones,
They're the modern Stone Age family.
From the town of Bedrock,
They're a page right out of history.

This whole process has made me think of how the Flintstones live very primitive lives in using dinosaurs for menial tasks that we in the present day able to easily accomplish based on our technologic advances. That’s where the Jetsons and Tact.ai step in.

Yaba Daba Doo for the Intelligent Edge and the Tact Digital Assistant!

Gary Stimson
Gary Stimson
Regional Sales Director, Informatica

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