October 2, 2020

Video Meetings and Collaboration in Context

JP Lie

What's the difference between virtual meetings and virtual work? COVID-19 forced us all to become experts with video conferencing tools like Zoom and Teams for everything from family gatherings to happy hours or work meetings. Unfortunately, the business of buying, selling, and servicing involves a lot more than live video/audio communication — messaging asynchronously across time zones, sharing and collaborating on files, approving transactions, signing documents, and much more.

For some, this still happens over email and fragmented collaboration tools. Chasing data and people through these tools was already cumbersome and inefficient before the pandemic but with different schedules and limitations to meet, bringing these two critical components together can be even more challenging.

Collaboration in the context of customers has always been part of the Tact experience. We want to make it easy as possible for sales team members to collaborate around specific opportunities and ensure frictionless follow up with customers. The Tact platform includes tools for video meetings, text chat, and file sharing and other modes of collaboration between internal and external teams.

The point is not to compete with Teams, or Slack, or Zoom, but rather to provide the best integrated environment for sales and customer collaboration, with links to the other communication and collaboration tools your organization uses.

JP Lie
JP Lie
VP Customer Success, Customer Support, and Solution Engineering at Tact.ai

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