March 1, 2019

My internship journey at

Neha Nirkondar

In this post, our former intern Neha shares her internship experience at HQ.

My time at Tact

As a college student getting ready to enter the workforce, choosing how to spend my summer before senior year was an important decision. How I would utilize my time would be of utmost importance in regards to understanding and aligning my career goals. I wanted to find a company that I had an excellent fit with, yet would challenge me to think in different ways and learn new skills. Interning at was all of that and more.

What initially appealed to me about, an AI for Sales software startup in Silicon Valley, was the location of its headquarters (downtown Redwood city) and its unique solution to a problem prevalent in the world of CRM. At my university, I had seen the pain the school had experienced with its "CRM implementation" so I was aware that there was much room for improvement in sales technologies This initial appeal was compounded by perks that spoke to the millennial in me— A Philz Coffee next door, great food at the office, proximity to a CalTrain station, monthly volunteering excursions, standing desks, chic office decor, and more.

However, I also quickly realized that the aspects of Tact that made it an amazing place to work at ran deeper than those surface level elements. In actuality, it was the collaborative, fast-paced, inclusive, and highly-motivated company culture combined with a visionary take on digital transformation that ended up being the stars of the show.

My official role at Tact was as Marketing Intern. The advantage of being an intern at a startup was that my project scope in the integrated marketing organization encompassed work with Customer Success, Design, Customer Service, and Communications. Throughout this process, I collected skills and knowledge of a variety of different programs and services: Looker, HubSpot, Salesforce, Google Analytics, Asana, as well as Tact’s own platform Thread. I was able to teach myself the basics of SQL and improve my Excel and Keynote skills as well. I attribute these opportunities to being part of a marketing team at a software company. Marketing has the option of being increasingly analytical and data driven at a tech company; my managers implemented these ideals wholeheartedly.

At the end of my internship, I presented my work and key takeaways to the CEO, Chuck Ganapathi and the entire team in Redwood City. This end presentation was an opportunity that I would have never had if I had worked at a large corporation and is indicative of the overarching culture at Tact. Thanks to the family for a great internship experience!

Neha Nirkondar
Neha Nirkondar
Marketing Lead, Aviso AI. Former Intern,

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