March 12, 2019

Day In The Life Storytelling

Amit Pande

In this post I write about a “Day in the Life” (DITL) storytelling approach we have developed at to help us drive needs discovery, journey mapping, product storytelling and demos.



In previous posts we wrote about the elephant in the room choking sales performance and our company philosophy of #nofriction. So how does one actually truly eliminate friction from the daily lives of salespeople, instead of inadvertently adding more technology friction?

Since inception, Tact has been about building human-friendly seller experiences, and keeping sellers and their supporting teams in their productive state of daily flow. Towards this goal, the “Day in the Life” narrative approach has been an invaluable tool and anchor in our toolbox.

Inspired by the power of ethnographic and design thinking approaches, we’ve whole-heartedly embraced the DITL approach across Just like many superfoods, the DITL has shown its versatility at different aspects of our customer and sales journey.

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The Day in the Life storytelling and world building approach involves three steps:

  • Map present state: Understand how and where sellers and their account teams currently spend their day, the apps and people they interact with to serve customers, and the areas that cause most pain and friction. This process involves user and stakeholder interviews, secondary research, and pattern matching.
  • Visualize future state: Apply the "art of the possible" to imagine what a new day in the life of sales teams would look and feel like with the power of our AI Assistant and Intelligent Workspace, across the devices, channels, and data that a team uses daily. This process involves scriptwriting, visual storyboarding, video and demo creation.
  • Collaborate & evolve: Share the Day in the Life to customer decision makers, Operations and IT teams, and sales managers and end users to jointly articulate an AI sales transformation blueprint that is meaningful, timely, and feasible to deploy. The DITL helps anchor statements of work, pilot scope, and even customer success trainings.

Below I am sharing three examples of this Day in the Life storytelling approach.  

This first example below shows a new day in the life of a CEO or Sales Leader with It hows our CEO and Founder, Chuck, interacting with the Assistant through voice in his car to prepare and follow up on meetings, make updates to Salesforce, and assign tasks.

This example shows a new day in the life of a B2B Sales Rep and the extended team with, including how to be better prepared for customer meetings, follow up after meetings, and corral an entire account team to respond in real-time to close deals faster and better.

This example shows a new day in the life of a Pharma sales rep and team with

The Day in the Life visual storytelling approach has helped us get closer to our aspiration of #nofriction sales experiences for modern digital sales teams. If you have applied similar approaches in your work we would love to hear from you.

Amit Pande
Amit Pande
Marketing + Sales Acceleration + Product Innovation

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