December 27, 2018

Technology and #nofriction

Amit Pande

This post explores the relationship between technology and friction, and describes our goal of creating #nofriction experiences


At we’ve embraced the idea of using AI to power frictionless human-friendly experiences. We call this philosophy #nofriction.

The early roots of physical friction


"Friction" is rooted in physical science. Newton’s laws of motion use static and kinetic friction to explain why the world works the way that it does. Friction is the resistance an object faces when moving across the surface of another and this is what makes car engines, trains, freight elevators, etc work. This is the positive friction we need to literally move the world.

From physical to digital friction

Today, however, in the digital world, we face a new kind of friction that is starting to overwhelm us. For e.g. we carry 4-5 devices, answers hundreds of emails a day, attends countless meetings, juggling all the way.


Let’s take the world of a salesperson. On a given day they wrangle getting data into and out of hundreds of applications and wrangle with dozens of people to get things done. No wonder salespeople and many other professionals feel that they are running obstacle courses on a new digital hamster wheel. They are busier than ever before yet missing quota, even with the most advanced technologies we’ve ever had.



Harmonizing the relationship with technology

Think about this. If a visitor from 1918 traveled to 2018, they’d feel like the Jetsons in a Golden Age.  Agree? Today, we interact and ask Alexa to play music, get groceries instantly, Venmo money to friends and family, check weather – the list is endless. We swipe right and make split-second decisions about how we travel and who we live with.

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Consumer technology provides valuable clues to fixing friction from technology at work and getting out of the Flintstones age.

It all starts with designing with the users at the core. The biggest revolution in our personal lives is that the “computer” is dissolving into everyday behavior. From the Apple Watch and Airpods to in-car voice assistants, computing is now everywhere.

However, the software we use to run our enterprises is however still far behind consumer technologies. Since its roots in the late mainframe era of the 1970s, enterprise software has remained forms on a browser.


#nofriction technologies

At, we're building products on the principle that enterprise software should be as intuitive and natural as technologies in our personal life.

We believe that friction is the greatest enemy of productivity and growth and we strive to eliminate friction starting with sales teams.

Imagine a world where you can get data from any traditional system right in your car by just speaking to a digital assistant.

Imagine a world where you can activate your deal team as instantly as you engage friends and family on WhatsApp or WeChat.

Finally imagine this – a world where you know what you need to know, when you need it, how you need it, all without actually asking for it.

That is the potential of a #nofriction world with human-centric technology.

That’s us.

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Amit Pande
Amit Pande
Marketing + Sales Acceleration + Product Innovation

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