July 27, 2022

Reimagining Compliant Email Experience

Gaurav Sharma

For years, targeted and automated email marketing campaigns have been one of the most trusted marketing channels when it comes to HCP (Health Care Professional) engagement. Effective email campaigns are not only an essential part of an omnichannel customer engagement strategy but are also favored by over 66% of HCPs as their preferred channel of interaction when it comes to information related to product announcements.

With hybrid engagement models becoming the norm in pharma, emails are an excellent way for field teams to follow up on their face-to-face or remote engagements. It provides an easy and unobtrusive channel to stay in touch with their customers between interactions while sharing relevant information.  

In a way compliant email campaigns combine the best of both worlds; they work in tandem with other channels to capitalize on field reps' personal relationships with HCPs. With 62% of HCPs agreeing that the most significant area where pharma representatives can add value is, by understanding the needs of HCPs and sharing only relevant content with them to make the interactions more insightful, email becomes even more important in the overall engagement metric.

But like any channel, email isn’t perfect. An Accenture survey notes that 65% of HCPs agreed that at least one pharmaceutical company has ‘spammed’ them with digital content. Two factors contribute to this – the sharp rise in email volumes, especially over the last two years, combined with the context-agnostic brand-centric email content that lacks any real personalization.

Because of this chaos, the HCPs not only miss relevant messages in the clutter but also mark any peripheral email as spam, restricting the pathway to building any meaningful connection with the pharma company.

Field-triggered emails are one way to reduce clutter and offer some amount of personalization than the alternative of mass marketing emails.

HCPs continue to reward the pharma companies that offer better and more personalized engagement. 88% of HCPs are twice as likely to engage with other companies if their best relationship was replicated. Which strengthens the argument for being more vigilant about messaging, personalization, and relevancy of field emails.

It is important to be aware that while emails triggered by field teams have better engagement than traditional marketing emails, they fail to solve many of the inherent challenges.

These field-triggered emails are sent ‘on behalf’ of the field user using the same underlying mass marketing email type setup and hence struggle with deliverability, spam filters, and relevancy.

It still limits any real personalization of the email by the field user opting instead for a strict template-based approach due to a lack of sufficient compliance oversight.

What’s more, current approaches result in a disjointed experience for field users where they must juggle between using MS Outlook for non-product-related emails and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) emails for product-related ones. This also comes with its own unaddressed compliance risk.

Tact Customer Friendly Email (CFE) addresses these challenges by bridging the divide between the CRM-approved email templates and MS Exchange to create a unified experience for field teams. Using CFE, emails are actually sent ‘by’ the field user, using existing approved templates or free-form text, without the need for any additional marketing email infrastructure. This has several advantages.

  • Better deliverability – Improved deliverability through MS Exchange to better bypass spam filters to help field teams appear in their customers’ inboxes more frequently
  • Greater freedom to personalize – Field-friendly design that helps reps compose and send more compliant, personalized emails tailored with approved content
  • Improved email open rates- Enhanced field-triggered email generating 1.5x industry open rates

For the very first time, field management and sales operations can have a holistic view of the usage of email channel and the breakdown across customers, templates, products, and content through Tact Customer Friendly Email. This helps re-enforce data-driven decisions and personalization across the board.

about the author
Gaurav Sharma
Vice President, Vertical Products at Tact.ai
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