February 18, 2022

On-Demand Engagement in Life Sciences

Jeff Neil

The emerging life sciences ecosystem is increasingly patient-centric. That means the healthcare professionals are actively looking for content and learnings that helps them improve their patient outcomes. For the pharma customer teams, this calls for a major change in the way the HCP interactions take place.

The traditional face-to-face models have already transformed into virtual or hybrid in the last two years. But what has also been adopted by industry leaders in pharma is a movement from push-based engagement to pull-based engagement.  

HCPs everywhere now expect pharma representatives and experts such as MSLs to be accessible on-demand through channels of their choice. They want information at their preferred time through their preferred channel, and they do not want to wait for a rep to show up at their practice unprompted. Most importantly the HCPs want ownership and flexibility in scheduling, to be able to connect with pharma teams as per their convenience.

According to The Digitally-Savvy HCP study, remote interactions with pharma representatives have increased by more than 40%, and according to 56 percent of those HCPs, this is primarily due to the ability to schedule and reschedule appointments.

As we move away from traditional HCP engagement and push-based interactions, understanding HCP needs and creating a personalized engagement plan becomes a priority.

At Tact, we have been shaping this transition from push-based to pull-based HCP engagement models. The Tact customer engagement platform creates a secure, WhatsApp-like channel for customers to connect with your team, content, and community to create meaningful brand experiences with ease.  

The asynchronous, branded messaging platform embedded into the existing life sciences' ecosystem empowers customers to pull information as per their convenience, addressing the industry's trajectory from a push-based to pull-based customer engagement model.

It allows one on one meetings as well as group interactions across HCPs, MSLs, and KAMs, creating a holistic and outcome-centric customer engagement experience. Tact creates a one-stop-shop, through chat, file sharing, commenting, video, and voice, gathering richer and contextual customer insights. It also opens up the possibility of engagement with no/low access HCPs who want to engage with your approved content.

Tact’s immersive and connected customer experience helps customer-facing teams to create a true, no-friction, omnichannel experience for HCPs. Learn more about on-demand HCP engagement with Tact- https://www.tact.ai/solutions/engage-customers-on-demand

Jeff Neil
Jeff Neil
Head of Enablement at Tact.ai

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