November 26, 2019

Homrun's Ilana Golen Identifies Top AI in Sales Solutions for the Workplace

Erika Cruz

Ilana Golan recently wrote an article in Forbes sharing what to look for when assessing companies that are using AI to improve sales. Ilana is a Board Member and General Partner at Homerun, a firm that accelerates growth of Israeli companies in North America through a network of Impact Partners.

The article examines today’s sales workflow, and walks you through what select tools are doing to improve the day-to-day lives of sellers. Time-consuming tasks like virtual meetings and notes capture, inputting and analyzing data, and updating opportunities are all aided by new AI solutions. We’re thankful to llona for including our Tact Sales Assistant in her example of how the new tools are bringing conversational AI capabilities to traditional and older technologies to make them easier to use and more engaging for the user.

Read the story, The Revolution Of AI In Sales: Why And How To Adopt It In Your Organization” and share what you think!

Erika Cruz
Erika Cruz
Former Marketing and Sales Experience at

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