February 11, 2022

Gartner names Tact.ai in its Hype Cycle for Life Sciences Commercial Operations

Dr. Deepika Salwankar

For the second year in a row, Gartner has included Tact.ai, the customer engagement company for life sciences, in its Hype Cycle for Life Sciences Commercial Operations.

The latest edition of the Hype Cycle report categorizes voice-driven sales apps as a high-impact technology. “Prioritize this functionality based upon the time-saving efficiencies offered for both voice-driven data entry and data retrieval,” writes report author Animesh Gandhi. “This is also very relevant for companies struggling to improve SFA adoption, because these systems work best for reducing manual data entry or manual data retrieval, helping to replace inefficient user interface patterns such as manual pick lists and manual data entry forms.”

The Hype Cycle report aims to help technology leaders track key emerging technologies that can help them better engage customers, grow revenues, and reduce costs.

The report notes the broader trend toward accelerating digital adoption for life science organizations (LSOs). “The COVID-19 pandemic drove new imperatives to realize the power of data and technologies such as digital and virtual engagement that had been sitting at the peripheries for years. In response to the pandemic, LSOs immediately accelerated the application of advanced data analytics technologies to personalize customer engagement, deploy new digital channels, advance patient-engagement strategies and pursue new health value creation opportunities.”

The Life Sciences industry is transforming at a rapid pace. With newer Go-to-Market strategies and shift towards omnichannel models, the goal is to re-define HCP engagement and boost the productivity of customer-facing teams. The Tact customer engagement platform combines AI, data gathering, and UX together to make reps and MSLs more effective. In an interview with Tact.ai, Stan Tsvirko from Novartis explained how Tact supports seamless collaboration across platforms, helping to prioritize communicating with HCPs according to their preferences.

Gartner also cited Tact.ai as a sample vendor for both Voice-Driven Sales Apps and MobileSales Productivity Apps in its recent "Hype Cycle for Resales Technology,2021.”


The Customer Engagement Company for Life Sciences

Tact.ai is on a mission to help life science organizations nurture meaningful customer engagement through our human-friendly software. Our AI-powered engagement platform empowers field teams to work with their customers in new ways to drive better outcomes. Tact.ai is headquartered in Silicon Valley and is backed by some of the world’s leading firms in venture capital, technology, and healthcare and life sciences, including Microsoft’s venture fund M12, Salesforce Ventures, Novartis, Lilly, and McKesson Ventures. Visit us at: https://www.tact.ai/


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Dr. Deepika Salwankar
Dr. Deepika Salwankar
Community & Content Manager at Tact.ai

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