June 1, 2023

Future of Pharma- Unlocking Omnichannel Excellence in Life Sciences with the Tact Customer Engagement Platform

Damian Colehan

The pharmaceutical industry is undergoing a significant transformation with the emergence of new channels and the rapid growth of customer touchpoints. Social media, personalized emails & messaging, digital influencers (KOLs/ DOLs) and other digital platforms have become well-established avenues for engaging with both healthcare practitioners (HCPs) and Health Care Organizations (HCOs) As a result, pharma companies are realizing the importance of adopting smarter data strategies and shifting away from traditional patient or HCP journeys to accommodate the increasingly personalized nature of these interactions.  

The increasing number of channels and touch points do present a new set of challenges in providing personalized experiences to healthcare practitioners (HCPs). Traditional approaches to engagement fail to meet the expectations of HCPs, who now seek personalization and value in every interaction. A standardized approach no longer meets the mark, and relying solely on the expertise of sales representatives is insufficient when it comes to determining the most effective engagement strategy across diverse needs of individual clinicians.

To address these challenges, life sciences leaders recognize the need to modernize their customer relationship management (CRM) solution that not only transforms customer engagement but also enables them to achieve their omnichannel goals.  

The Shift in Landscape:

With Veeva's recent decision to transition its back-end CRM away from Salesforce, industry experts are suggesting that it is a good time for life sciences organizations to consider exploring alternative modern Omnichannel solutions.

Amidst this shifting landscape, Tact.ai emerges as a leading provider of a comprehensive Customer Engagement Platform that offers seamless and compliant engagement experiences. Built natively on Salesforce and integrated with Vault for approved content, Tact.ai provides the perfect solution for life science customers seeking to leverage the best of both worlds.

Transforming Engagement with Tact.ai:

Tact.ai's Customer Engagement Platform empowers organizations to unlock the pathway to building a truly omnichannel CRM, delivering value to customers and field teams alike. By integrating approved content stored in repositories such Veeva PromoMats and customer data stored in Salesforce CRM, Tact.ai eliminates the need for costly integrations, customizations, or the creation of new platforms for content management. This streamlined approach allows businesses to innovate faster and leverage the best features of both Veeva and Salesforce, resulting in a holistic and efficient customer engagement experience.

Tact.ai's platform offers a three-step journey towards future proofing your CRM transformation in the life sciences industry:

  1. DECOUPLE: Disintermediate users from the underlying system of record, enabling businesses to innovate faster and more efficiently. By decoupling users from the complexities of the CRM backend, Tact.ai empowers teams to focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences.
  2. DERISK: Minimize disruption by leveraging the best features of Salesforce and Veeva. Tact.ai ensures a seamless integration that preserves existing customizations and minimizes the need for costly rewrites or increased vendor dependence.
  3. DEMOCRATIZE: Unlock the ecosystem and deliver a true omnichannel CRM. Tact.ai enables organizations to break free from silos and leverage the full potential of their customer engagement ecosystem, resulting in enhanced collaboration and a unified approach to customer engagement.

Innovative CRM transformation in the life sciences industry is essential for organizations looking to stay ahead of the curve. Tact.ai's Customer Engagement Platform provides streamlined systems, intuitive tools, and a true Customer 360 engagement model. By harnessing the power of both Salesforce and Veeva, Tact.ai enables life sciences companies to create a comprehensive and efficient customer engagement platform.  As omnichannel continues to evolve and the CRM landscape in pharma looks more volatile now is the time to start reviewing and considering alternatives. Contact damian.colehan@tact.ai if you would like to learn more about how the Tact Customer Engagement platform could bring you a new level of customer engagement.

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Vice President of Sales - EMEA
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