February 2, 2022

Driving the last mile of Next Best Action: Contextual and Omnichannel

Jeff Neil
Deliver last mile of your NBA engine to deliver the right insight at the right time, with greater actionability and closed-loop learning

The health care professionals (HCP) now really want to understand therapeutics given the leaps that have been made in life sciences over the course of the pandemic.

A Deloitte study speculates that the more on-demand potential of virtual visits created a greater opportunity for more meaningful interactions even when the total number of meetings was reduced. Some customer-facing teams have reported 30-minute conversations with HCPs during the pandemic, compared to perhaps three to five minutes pre-pandemic.

HCPs continue to value content that helps them better serve their patients and regard quantitative research and insights, such as clinical trials and real-world data, as the most influential factor impacting their treatment decisions.

With HCPs expecting this level of detail in their interactions with teams, having the right insights and the right piece of content at the right time helps customer-facing teams succeed.

What we have learned while working with our Tact customer engagement platform, is that enabling customer-facing teams with on-time nudges and reminders improves the desired behavior like capturing the salient points of a discussion and logging the notes from those interactions on the same day.

The contextual delivery of nudges on pre-defined triggers such as upcoming meetings, past meeting insights, and user location helps customer-facing teams create a personalized and actionable engagement plan for individual HCPs.

Encouraging data-driven desired behavior in customer-facing teams not only increases the chances of successful implementation of a Next Best Action (NBA) investment but also enables them to form meaningful connections with HCPs. Easy access to HCP-centric data propels customer-facing teams to capture more customer insights, act on a higher percentage of those insights, and drive better overall performance when it comes to customer engagement.  

We know that a better customer experience results in better outcomes for your customer-facing teams. In fact, the HCPs are clearly noticing and rewarding pharma companies that provide more meaningful, personalized, and contextual engagement by spending more time with them.

Tact customer engagement platform drives the last mile of the Next Best Action engine or other Customer Insights Programs enabling field teams with greater actionability and closed-loop learning providing valuable feedback to corporate regarding the quality of interactions.

Jeff Neil
Jeff Neil
Head of Enablement at Tact.ai

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