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We have upgraded the Tact login experience. Now you just have to login using Tact ID or SSO ID or your CRM ID and Tact will redirect you to the right page and that's it.


What if I get an error when I try to log in?‍

Depending on the error, either follow the instructions in the error message or reach out to our support team (Hyperlink support team) here at Tact, we're happy to help!

What if I change my password?‍

‍Changing your password will not necessarily log you out of Tact. If you log out of Tact after you change your password, you will need to enter the most recent password to log in.

What if I can't remember my credentials?‍‍

If you have forgotten your username, please contact your admin or HR. If you have forgotten your password, enter your CRM username and then you will be directed to the login page, click on "Forgot Your Password" and you'll be taken through the steps to reset your password in accordance with your company's security policy. If you have forgotten your Tact password, click on "Forgot Password" on the login page and follow the instructions to reset your password.

Do I have to do anything to enable this?‍

Nope. If you're an existing Tact user, and you've updated to the latest release, you shouldn't see any changes unless you log out of Tact or your session expires. To log back in just enter your username (Tact ID or SSO ID or your CRM ID) and you will be redirected to the respective login page.